Facebook advertising

FBadexampleWhat is it? Facebook ads are paid for advertisements which appear in people’s Facebook feeds or on Instagram. You can target people based on location, demographic information, interests and much more. You can run ads to achieve many different objectives including sales / donations, leads, engagement or video views.

Why do it? Facebook is one of the most efficient online advertising platforms on the market. It offers a huge number of different ways to target people and is completely trackable so you can optimize your marketing in real-time.

What will you do for me? I’ll create a strategy to help you achieve your goal using Facebook ads. I’ll set up and run the campaign – optimizing it on a daily basis. When the campaign has finished, I’ll report on what worked as well as what didn’t, and make recommendations for future Facebook ad campaigns.

Facebook ad campaign strategy:

  • Identify what your goal is and what you want to achieve with your Facebook adverts
  • Identify target audiences and how to reach them on Facebook
  • Work out budget for ad campaigns
  • Identify audience, placement and creative tests
  • Create a media plan for the campaign

Facebook pixel implementation:

  • If needed, I’ll add the Facebook pixel to your website (through Google Tag Manager) to allow performance tracking and to target visitors to your website
  • If needed, I’ll implement Facebook conversion event tracking (through Google Tag Manager) to allow Facebook to optimize to target people most likely to achieve your goal

Ad creative:

  • Source images from stock image websites or look through your images library to find ones which will perform well on Facebook
  • Resize and edit images for Facebook
  • Write or edit copy to fit Facebook best practice

Ad set up:

  • Set up ad goal, create multiple audiences, set up multiple ads on Facebook
  • Proof read and check all elements of ads
  • Send draft ads over to you

Optimising Facebook campaigns:

  • On a daily basis I’ll turn off underperforming ads and/or audiences. Make tweaks to creative or audiences to improve performance

Reporting during campaign

  • Each week I’ll send a report on performance which will look at for example: sign ups, cost per acquisition, spend, top performing audiences and adverts

Post campaign reporting and evaluation

  • At the end of the campaign I’ll send a detailed report which includes: sign ups, cost per acquisition, spend, audience performance, creative performance, recommendations for future campaigns
  • I’ll also provide all advert data in excel format

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