Boosted posts

boostpostexampleWhat is it? Boosted posts are posts from your Facebook page which appear higher up your audience’s news feeds because there is spend behind them.

Why do it? Facebook uses an algorithm to determine who sees your content – just because you have 1000 fans does not mean they will see your posts and you can quite easily find that your content is not reaching your audience. Most charities put a small amount of spend behind some of their content to counteract this and to make sure their message is still heard. You can also target different audiences so that your posts are seen by a wider audience than your current fans.

What will you do for me? I’ll create a strategy and simple rules for you to follow to know what content to boost. I will provide training so that you can continue boosting posts on your own and then, after 6 months, I’ll produce a report to evaluate the new strategy.

Boosted post strategy:

  • Identify what your goal is and what you want to achieve with your content on Facebook
  • Analyse previous content on your Facebook page to identify top performing posts and make recommendations on types of content for you to focus on
  • Set a benchmark and parameters on what content to boost and what to run organically (without spend)
  • Identify target audiences and outline strategies to reach them and achieve your goal
  • Determine how much budget should go behind each post and annual budget for paid organic activity

Facebook advert structure set up and training:

  • Create the target audiences in Facebook and set up the advert account so it is easy for you to boost posts
  • One 30 minute phone training session on how to boost content in Facebook
  • ‘How to’ guide on boosting Facebook posts


  • After 6 months, I’ll send you a report to evaluate how effective the strategy has been in achieving your goal and make recommendations for improvements

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