Levelling the playing field – how small charities can use their size to their advantage

Working in marketing at a small charity can be hard. Battling against low brand recognition, a lack of digital skills and small or non-existent budgets. But in digital marketing, being small actually opens up a huge number of options if you know how to use your size to your advantage.

One of the things I love about digital is that it’s open and if you know where to look you can take inspiration from other charities’ tactics. In the words of Steve Jobs “always be shameless about stealing great ideas”.

There are other huge opportunities for small charities. Many people have lost faith in large charities and are looking for organisations they can trust, with low overheads and can show exactly how their money will benefit the cause. Unlike other channels, digital isn’t just about budget, it’s about the strength of your tactics and ideas.

Read the full article on the CharityComms website

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